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Being flirty according to William H. Powell, a respectable 43-year-old.

I have this overwhelming urge to watch The Thin Man.

Except for the fact that I’m gay, the StuntWife is happily married to the RealHusband, and neither of us are Prohibition-era lushes - “The Thin Man” is, in some respects, an accurate reflection of how we treat each other (and William H. Powell is how I treat cute bears - IN MY HEAD. I’m an introvert eldergoth rutabaga - I can’t flirt with TREES AND ROCKS without making a fool of myself, much less an actual PERSON.)

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I knew she was trouble the moment she handed me the scissors and whispered, ‘undress me’.
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I told her once I wasn’t good at anything. She told me survival is a talent.
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I absolutely HATE feeling like this. I get so down, sad, empty, lonely and upset. It makes me feel worthless and my mind’s a mess.
No one needs me. They’re all having fun without me. And if I’d disappear, no one would even bother to notice it.

How my anxiety and depression interact.

If I was an artist, I’d continue this by making the friend waving this lil buddy and introducing the other friend so the three of them could have fun and this evil bitch up there could vanish. After all, that’s what friends are for.

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Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). 

Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor.

Note: In all fairness, it’s usually the Doctor Who Confidential cameras or video diary cameras that he’s goofing around with - not typically the real camera that is filming the episode.

Professional yet fun at the same time - that’s DT.

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Spotted at a bar in Columbia, Missouri. [via]

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I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.
Vincent Van Gogh, a letter to his brother, Theo (via wanduring)

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*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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If and when the new Lord Rahl should claim the throne, we’ll decide if he’s worthy of our services. Until then, who better to bring order to the territories than the Mord’Sith?

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What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

do u mean excited

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When can I move in? Is there wi-fi? We’re going to need wi-fi for the Elder Goth Retirement Haunted Mansion.

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